workstation height adjustable


Height adjustable workstations are now becoming a standard in offices around Australia. The health benefits of a height adjustable workstation are endless, with better circulation and cardiovascular health plus less stress on your back and joints.

The Motion height adjustable workstation has a twin motor that provides 160kg heavy duty lift capacity and quiet adjustment speed of 30mm per second. Three stage telescopic lifting column is synchronised by a central control box and anti-collision safety feature to assist avoiding damage during height adjustment.

– 25mm Desk Top
– Black or White Powder Coat
– 90mm x 60mm Square Leg
– 3 Stage Height Adjustable
– 640-1290h  
– Height Adjustable Feet

2-Way Lineal Double Sided
2100w x 750d
1800w x 750d
1500w x 750d
1200w x 750d

4 Way Corner
2100w x 1800w x 750/750d
1800w x 1800w x 750/750d
1500w x 1500w x 750/750d
2100w x 1800w x 600/600d
1800w x 1800w x 600/600d
1500w x 1500w x 600/600d

3 Way 120 Degree
1200w x 1200w x 750/750d
1200w x 1200w x 600/600d
1500w x 1500w x 750/750d
1500w x 1500w x 600/600d

600d workstations available

3 Weeks

10 Years